Monday, October 17, 2011

How To: Bee Hive Candy Bag

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but I do have something good to show ya'll today. Ok, so Bella decided she wanted to be a bumble bee this year. I searched and searched for a nice costume and after coming up with nothing, I decided to make her costume this year. Following THIS tutorial, I made her a yellow/black tutu. I want her to have a matching bag to go with the outfit but found NOTHING like what I was looking for. So, I decided to make it myself.
- (2) 12x18" Yellow Stiffened Felt Sheets (you can get these at Hobby Lobby for 2.99 each)
- (1) 12x18" Black Stiffened Felt Sheet
- Bee Hive Stencil/Cutout. I used THIS one
- Permanent Marker
- White Pencil
- Cardboard Box
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun
- Box the size of the bag you are going to be making

Print out, enlarge (my box was small so I enlarged the pic to 110%), and cut out stencil. The box is shorter than the beehive, so the top of it sticks out:

This is what it should look like:

With your permanent marker, trace all the sides on to your yellow felt, leaving little wings around all 4 sides. Trace them in black also (with your white pencil). These will be used later on to line the inside of your box so you can't see where you glued.
Glue the yellow felt to the outside of your box.

Next trace and cut the beehive on to your yellow felt, you will need to make 2 of these. Repeat this for the "door" and the stripes.
Apply some glue to the wings of you box to glue the beehive on:
Now you're ready to cover the box and close it up :)
The finished product again:

It's pretty much the same concept for any shape you want to make. Bells was Snow White last year, and she had an apple bag just like this
I think this is a great way to customize your kiddos outfits, and a cheap altearnative to buying a $12.00 basket at the store. I used a box I already had and the felt only cost me about $3.00. Thats $9.00 more for other crafts :)

Hope you found this helpful!!


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